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Step 1: Learn your Mac OS X Version

  • Click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen.
  • Select "About this Mac"
  • In the window that comes up, under the title "Mac OS X" there will be a version number.

    • If it starts with 10.8, you have Mountain Lion.
    • If it starts with 10.7, you have Lion.
    • If it starts with 10.6, you have Snow Leopard.
    • If it starts with 10.5, you have Leopard.
    • If it starts with 10.4, you have Tiger.
    • If it starts with 10.3, you have Panther.
  • Write down the one you have and close the "About this Mac" window.

Below is an example.

OS X Snow Leopard

Step 2: Choose your instructions

Option 1: Mountain Lion/Lion/Snow Leopard

Option 1: RailsInstaller

RailsInstaller is an easy way to get up and running with Ruby and Rails on OSX. Try it first.

Option 2: Manually

If something went wrong with RailsInstaller, fall back to these instructions.

Option 2: Panther

Option 3: Tiger, or Leopard

Panther and Tiger are very old and you should seriously consider upgrading, or buying a new computer!

Follow the Panther instructions but be prepared for some things to be difficult.

Railsbridge Docs

Source: https://github.com/railsbridge/docs